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    It may surprise you to know that something as common as acne (or acne vulgaris) is still largely a medical mystery on the root cause. Scientists decoded the process of acne eruption, but science is still in doubts over the exact causes erupting in acnes. The usual reasons are hormonal imbalances, climatic effects, and the stress factor.
    Sometimes, applying an unsuitable cosmetic product can also cause the acnes to erupt. Women in the pre-menstrual phase are also susceptible to acnes. Women suffering from the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) also regularly complain of these painful eruptions. Contact our Chiranjeevi Skin Care Clinic for anti acne treatment facility to relieve your face from the burden of these annoying bumps.
    Essentially, pimples erupt due to the over-secretion of the sebaceous gland clogging the skin pore and showing up as an inflammed bump. We have the best arrangements for pimple treatment at our Chiranjeevi Skin Care Clinic. Our specialist services extend to acne treatment in Guntur and all over Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.
    Our advanced treatment procedures include the IPL method and the careful application of alpha hydroxyl acids. These specialist treatment facilities are available at our both centers. Contact our acne treatment in Guntur facility to know in details

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