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    An autoimmune condition, Psoriasis causes inflamed patches that itch and ooze and the skin flakes off faster than normal, giving rise to eruptions all over the body. Over a 100 million people who suffer from Psoriasis struggle everyday to avoid embarrassment at home and work. A recent survey conducted revealed that Psoriasis negatively impacts relationships in 43% of all patients. 23% of patients who suffer from Psoriasis are made fun of at work and 25% suffer from anxiety and depression.
    Apart from the emotional agony, Psoriasis can also affect the joints causing painful Psoriatic Arthritis. This disease ranks as high as cancer in terms of its impact on the patient’s quality of life. The stigma of red patches and the silvery scales on the body damage the self-confidence.
    So the treatment for Psoriasis needs to focus on the complete well-being of a patient considering medical, emotional and psychological improvement.

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