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    Skin Tightening

    With age we start losing the fat element in our face, causing our skin to lose its volume. As such it starts hanging down, creating bands, wrinkles and droopiness. It is a very similar to a condition where you lose weight and your dress starts looking oversized on you. No amount of diet or exercise might correct this situation.

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    • Weight Loss
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    Dr. K. Chiranjeevi , a well-qualified dermatologist practicing in Guntur can help you with skin tightening. He has vast experience in treating various types of skin conditions and has helped many people achieve a well-toned youthful looking skin. Chiranjeevi clinic is equipped with latest technology equipment and state-of-the-art facilities that enable to offer effective and safe treatments to clients.

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We are proud of our dedicated team of practitioners who are trained and highly experienced to deliver the best results for your skin, beauty treatments, body shaping and weight loss problems.

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